7 SEO Strategies Used By the Big Brands

Did you know that SEO strategies for big brands are often very similar to each other? Are you curious about what it is? Hello, everyone! My name is Ashley Kohl, and today I’m going to tell you seven secrets that big brands can teach you.

1. SEO traffic is mostly driven by the brand itself.

Let’s compare the value of the keyword “shoes” to that of “Nike,” which receives over five million searches each month.

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A total of 1.2 million, and that’s just in the USA. That is to say, more people are looking for Nike than for shoes. The strength of a brand can accomplish such feats. Advertising on television, radio, social media, and through content creation and distribution, as well as the introduction of a high-quality product or service, all contribute to brand growth and, by extension, search engine optimization.

2. They don’t have to make backlinks.

See, most big brands will get backlinks without having to do any kind of cold outreach. And all they really have to do to get backlinks is give PR, talk about stock earnings, and put out new products. They don’t have to do much else. If you look at, you can see that I get a lot of backlinks from Ubersuggest without doing much work.

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3. Do lots and lots of PR, but it’s not for SEO

It’s meant to boost product sales. Let’s imagine Nike plans to introduce a new pair of Air Jordans; they could promote the release heavily to ensure that people line up the day they go on sale and that they quickly sell out.

The same with Apple. They build up a lot of interest before their launch. And it works really, really well. So PR is a good strategy, and you should think about doing it. There are many PR agencies, like PR Serve, that only charge you if they get you PR.

4. they spend a lot of money on content.

When you think of companies like Apple. Apple doesn’t have much content. Did you know that Google has indexed 171 million pages?

  • Microsoft, Google has indexed 34.9 million pages.
  • IBM, Google has indexed 9.93 million pages.
  • Google has indexed 2.24 million pages about Nike.

You get what I’m saying, right?

I’m nowhere near Nike, Apple, Amazon, or any of these other big companies, but as time goes on, I’ll have more and more pages, which, if the pages are good, will help me get more traffic.

5. they implement localization and translations in as many languages as possible for as many global markets as possible.

Here’s something nobody tells you: SEO in English is competitive, while SEO in languages like Portuguese, Hindi, and Swahili is less so.

Consider translating and transcribing your material because there are purchasers and people with money in these other countries. Thus, you are missing out on a substantial amount of traffic. My content is available on in German, Portuguese, Spanish, English, and some even in Italian and German, among others.

I also have pages written in Japanese and Mandarin. I have taken advantage of international translation because it generates more revenue and traffic.

6. they are not necessitated to do as much SEO optimization and frequently do not.

Because searchers’ search intent will be mapped when they go on the brand’s official page, Google will continue to send traffic their way. Their domain authority is so great that even making negative adjustments to a site’s

Even with errors, they will still score highly. Consider this: when you visit Apple, you already know what you’re searching for. You normally purchase Airpods, a smartphone, or a laptop when you visit, but the purpose is there.

Therefore, consider the user experience and ensure that you prioritize the user over Google. Yes, that may not gain you the rankings you desire in the short term, but it will in the long run.

7. They are slow to change

It is reasonable for big corporations to make decisions slowly; this is acceptable. And with your company.    You must keep in mind that you will be faster than them, which is a positive thing; nevertheless, when large corporations are slow, many of them end up analyzing the data and considering what modifications to do. And this benefits them tremendously because when they make adjustments, they are frequently more calculated than startups, who are merely experimenting and firing off shots.

This does not imply that you should not do trials or proceed slowly; rather, it suggests that you should examine data in the same manner as large corporations. Leave a comment below if you have any queries about the SEO secrets of these big businesses.

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