7 SEO Strategies You Must Try During the Pandemic

Developing an SEO strategy isn’t just about backlinks. But there are still many other ways to improve website performance.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become more popular lately because it is thought to be a way for digital businesses to survive a pandemic.

The question is if SEO is still a good investment for the company. If so, what SEO strategy should be used?

To answer the questions above, we will talk about SEO strategies for businesses that can be run during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

But, since there are a lot of different factors and ways to do things from one website to the next. Then you may need to change some of the following examples of SEO strategies.

7 SEO Strategies You Must Try During The Pandemic

There are many SEO strategies that could be run, since there are more than 200 SEO ranking factors that can affect search engine results.

But which SEO strategy works best during the current pandemic?

1. I changed the Title and Meta Description to make them better.

In the middle of a pandemic, one SEO strategy that QWORDS friends can use is to re-optimize their titles and meta descriptions.

Like the MotoGP race, we are no longer competing with Valentino Rossi. Instead, we have moved on to a new phase with new names like Fabio Quartararo and Francesco Bagnaia.

Make sure that the meta description you use on your website or landing page is still accurate.

In the current pandemic situation, relevancy is very important because more and more competitors with new strategies are entering the digital world.

2. Recheck Search Intent

Search intent is one of the things that determines whether or not people can find your content or if it gets pushed to the back page.

There are at least three different types of intents for each keyword that we can understand right now. Here’s a fuller explanation:

Navigational Keyword: This type of keyword is usually used by readers or people looking for information to get to certain websites. Navigational keywords usually include a brand name, like Facebook login, Twitter viral thread, or TikTok fyp.

Informational Keyword: This type of keyword is often used by the media, bloggers, and even e-commerce sites to attract an audience. An example of an informational keyword is, “What is SEO?” How to make a website or find the best hosting service in Indonesia.

Transactional keywords are the hardest to get into because they are usually used by sites with high authority scores and have a lot of PPC Google Ads ad slots.
The recent pandemic has changed the goals of search engine users. During a pandemic, there are changes in behavior that should be taken into account by digital businesses.

You can check or analyze keywords that have been successfully acquired. Do these keywords still help the business?

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3. Create relevant content

When it comes to relevance, not all business people or people who make content understand this well.

This condition makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider that every business has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Advice from us: Try to learn more about your business. Find a new point of view that you can talk about that will get a lot of people’s attention.

Relevant content doesn’t have to be all about selling. It can also be about something that is happening right now or is popular with the general public.

4. Pay attention to what’s Core Web Vitals

If you don’t talk about Core Web Vitals when talking about SEO strategies during a pandemic, you’re not telling the whole story.

Core Web Vitals, which was later renamed the Page Experience Algorithm, is a metric that Google uses to rank websites based on their quality and how well they work for visitors.

You can improve your Core Web Vitals score by upgrading or switching to a better hosting service, which will make your website load faster.

Also, the website’s display needs to be made more comfortable, stable, and easy to use from both mobile and desktop devices.

5. Adaptable to Changes in Trends

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to tighten their belts and think hard about how to stay in business.

In the middle of a pandemic, this has led to a number of new trends. For example, digital payments with e-wallets or QRIS from Bank Indonesia are becoming more and more popular.

As a business owner, you need to be able to change quickly and be flexible so that customers don’t go to your competitors.

6. Local SEO Optimization

What is local search engine optimization (SEO)? Local SEO is a strategy for optimizing a business’s page in search engines for a specific area. It can be in one country, one province, one city, one subdistrict, or even per village.

During the COVID-19 Corona virus pandemic, the local SEO strategy works well because it fits with the government’s PSBB policy to limit movement and stop people from leaving the city.

By using local SEO, potential customers near where you live will be able to find your business more easily.

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Using Google My Business is one of the most popular ways to improve local SEO.

7. Use the best package for hosting

When everyone jumps into the digital world, it’s important for businesses to plan for a rush of people visiting their online store websites or company profiles.

If you had a website before that had an average of less than 10,000 visitors per day, So, it’s a good idea to plan ahead by increasing space and hosting requirements during the pandemic.

Don’t lose potential sales because potential buyers can’t get to your website.

Business Cloud Hosting from Qwords.com is one of the best hosting packages for high-trafficked online businesses.

This package comes with a ton of modern features and a huge amount of storage space. For example, the anti-malware program Imunify360, the high-speed storage based on SSD (Solid State Drive), and the LiteSpeed API technology

The pandemic conditions that have happened in the last year have had huge effects on society and the economy.

But no matter what happens, we still have to be optimistic and pay attention to see opportunities so that we can handle the situation before the pandemic.

If a business wants to keep growing, one of the keys is to be able to adapt to new technologies. Friends of Qwords can do this by taking simple steps, such as managing social media for promotional purposes.

But social media alone is not enough if you want to build a business that makes money in the long run.

You must have a website to build your brand, spread information, and handle transactions.

Come on, make a business website right away! Take advantage of Qwords’s hosting deals, domains, and other website needs to save money.

Might this article be useful.

7 Best SEO Strategies for Websites?

7 SEO Strategies You Must Try During the Pandemic
1. I changed the Title and Meta Description to make them better.
2. Recheck Search Intent
3. Create relevant content
4. Pay attention to what’s Core Web Vitals
5. Adaptable to Changes in Trends
6. Local SEO Optimization
7. Use the best package for hosting

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