LinkedIn Business Manager: A Comprehensive Tutorial

LinkedIn Business Manager – Welcome to another LinkedIn ads tutorial! In this tutorial, we will delve into the world of LinkedIn Business Manager a powerful tool that is set to revolutionize the way businesses and agencies manage their LinkedIn advertising campaigns. If you’re a LinkedIn consultant, agency, or someone who needs to share access to multiple pages and accounts, this tutorial is for you. We will guide you through the process of setting up LinkedIn Business Manager, explain its purpose, and provide you with valuable insights on how to make the most of this incredible feature.

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Setting Up Campaign Manager and Ads Account

To get started with LinkedIn Business Manager, you first need to ensure that you have a campaign manager and an ads account. Follow these simple steps to set them up:

  1. Go to LinkedIn and click on “Work” in the top-right corner.
  2. Select “Advertise” from the drop-down menu.
  3. You will see a few options, including linking your business page and accessing campaign manager.
  4. Make sure you have campaign manager set up. If you’re unfamiliar with campaign manager, check out our dedicated tutorial on it (link in the description below).

Creating Your LinkedIn Business Manager

Once you have a campaign manager and ads account, it’s time to set up your LinkedIn Business Manager. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Google and search for “LinkedIn Business Manager.”
  2. Click on the appropriate link to access the Business Manager page.
  3. Create your business manager account by following the simple instructions provided.
  4. After completing the setup, you will be taken to the home page of your Business Manager.

Understanding Business Manager Features

LinkedIn Business Manager offers several essential features that streamline the management of multiple accounts and provide a more efficient workflow. Let’s explore some of these features in more detail.


Within Business Manager, the “People” section allows you to grant access to other individuals, such as consultants or freelancers, to various accounts and pages. Unlike the traditional method of individually granting access in campaign manager, Business Manager simplifies the process. You can invite people via email and assign them different roles, such as admin, employee, or contractor. This centralized approach saves time and ensures smoother collaboration.


The “Partners” feature in Business Manager enables you to connect your Business Manager with that of your client or agency. By linking the two accounts, you can easily share resources and collaborate on campaigns. To establish a partnership, you can provide your client with a code that they can add in their Business Manager settings. This allows you to control what you share between the two accounts, including pages, ad accounts, and matched audiences.

Ad Accounts and Pages

LinkedIn Business Manager allows you to add and manage multiple ad accounts and pages. You can claim ownership of your own ad account or upload a CSV file to claim multiple accounts. Moreover, you can request access to other people’s pages or add your own page to your Business Manager. Sharing access to pages and ad accounts becomes a breeze, simplifying the process of managing campaigns for different clients or departments.

Matched Audiences and Lead Gen Forms

With Business Manager, you gain access to matched audiences and lead gen form manager. Matched audiences are automatically shared when you add an ad account, facilitating better targeting options for your campaigns. Lead gen form manager is crucial for running successful lead generation campaigns, as it allows you to create and manage lead gen forms seamlessly.

LinkedIn Business Manager offers a range of powerful features that can enhance your advertising campaigns and improve lead generation on the platform. By utilizing Matched Audiences, you can target specific professional attributes to reach the most relevant audience. Additionally, Lead Gen Forms simplify the process of capturing leads by providing pre-filled forms with users’ LinkedIn profile information. Explore these features to optimize your LinkedIn advertising strategy and maximize your campaign’s effectiveness.


1: How do I set up LinkedIn Business Manager?

  • Question: What steps do I need to follow to create a LinkedIn Business Manager account?
  • Answer: To set up LinkedIn Business Manager, you can go to the LinkedIn Business Manager page, click on “Create Business Manager,” and follow the simple instructions provided.

2: What are the benefits of using LinkedIn Business Manager?

  • Question: Why should I consider using LinkedIn Business Manager for managing my LinkedIn ads?
  • Answer: LinkedIn Business Manager provides a centralized platform to manage multiple pages, ad accounts, and access permissions, making it easier for agencies, consultants, and businesses to streamline their ad management process.

3: How can I share access to accounts and pages with others using LinkedIn Business Manager?

  • Question: Is it possible to grant access to multiple LinkedIn accounts and pages without individually adding each user?
  • Answer: Yes, with LinkedIn Business Manager, you can invite people to join your business manager and assign different levels of access to them. This allows for streamlined collaboration and easier management of multiple accounts and pages.

4: Can I link multiple LinkedIn Business Manager accounts together?

  • Question: If I have multiple LinkedIn Business Manager accounts, is there a way to connect them for better coordination?
  • Answer: Yes, you can link two LinkedIn Business Manager accounts together using the partnership feature. By establishing a partnership, you can easily share pages, ad accounts, and even matched audiences between the linked accounts.

5: How can I manage and access ad accounts, pages, and lead generation forms in LinkedIn Business Manager?

  • Question: Once I have set up LinkedIn Business Manager and connected accounts, how can I effectively manage and access various assets within the platform?
  • Answer: In LinkedIn Business Manager, you can navigate to the respective sections such as ad accounts, pages, and lead generation forms to manage and access them. You can also assign different roles and permissions to team members based on their responsibilities.
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