The 12 best SEO plugins for WordPress are Recommended

WordPress is the CMS that has the most users, so it makes sense that it has a full plugin.

One of the most important parts of WordPress is the plugins. This plugin is also one of the things that makes WordPress so popular. One of them is the SEO plugin for WordPress.

WordPress was made to be friendly to search engines and SEO by default. But you still need the best WordPress SEO plugins to get the most out of your site.

If you’re not already using WordPress, make your website with WordPress right away.

You can have a good website up and running in just a few minutes. Please use a WordPress hosting package from to get the most out of your WordPress website.

The advantage is that you will get a free TLD domain and a free trial for the first 30 days if you are a new user.

There are many different types of WordPress SEO plugins available right now. If you are just starting out and don’t know how to choose a good WordPress SEO plugin, please look at the best WordPress plugins that must be installed first.

Please look at the list below for the most recent WordPress SEO plugins:

1. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is still the best SEO plugin, with more than 5 million users who have downloaded it and given it a 5-star rating.

Yoast’s features are complete because it offers SEO analysis, related keywords, permalink urls, tags, descriptions, focus keywords, sitemaps, snippets previews, readability analysis, and SEO scores.

With Yoast’s many features, you can make your website as competitive as possible to be on the first page of search engines.

There is a Pro Yoast SEO feature that has extra features like redirection, internal linking, and external linking, which can make your website stronger by getting backlinks.

2. The All-in-One SEO Pack

Yoast SEO has some competition in this AIO SEO Pack. In terms of features, there isn’t much difference between these two WordPress SEO plugins.

This All in One SEO Pack has been downloaded about 2 million times and has a 4.5 star rating.

AIO SEO Pack has a number of great features, including the following:

Google Analytics Help with XML Sitemap
Automatic meta tag generation
Duplicate check content
Another good thing about the All in SEO Pack is that you can customize the settings to suit your needs.

Also, remember that you should never install both Yoast and this SEO Pack at the same time because they do the same thing and could cause problems.

3. Rank Math SEO

Rank Math SEO The WordPress plugin is a new one. But it doesn’t have many more features than other free WordPress SEO plugins.

Rank Math has a lot of automatic features so you don’t have to set up too many things.

This plugin was also made by a well-known developer, Mythemeshop, so you don’t have to worry about its quality.

4. Rel Nofollow Checkbox

Rails-to-Nowhere When you put a url link to another website in this box, you will also have the “nofollow” option.

It’s also important to know that Google doesn’t count nofollow links as backlinks. Only dofollow links are counted as backlinks.

But another benefit of a website that gets a link is that it will get submissions from visitors based on what people say about it.

5. Google XML Sitemaps

Google Sitemap XML makes it easier for search engines like Google and Bing to find and list your website.

With this sitemap, robots will be able to check your website’s structure more quickly, and this plugin will let the index robots know when new posts are made.

6. Contextual Related Post

One of the plugins you need to install is the one that shows you related posts.

The main goal is to keep people on your site longer so they can read blog posts.

The bounce rate will go down the longer it means. Last, search engines will decide that your website is a good one.

In the modern world of SEO, you have to compete to have interesting content on your website so that people feel at home there. One way to do this is with a related post plugin.

7. PB SEO Friendly Images

This PB SEO Friendly images will automatically update the image with the ALT and TITLE that you set at the beginning.

By optimizing your images, your website will be easier to find when people use search engines to look for images.

This is one of the ways you can get good traffic.

The Alt attribute, the Title attribute, and the Description section are all important parts of the image that you need to fill out.

Try to fill it in a way that makes sense for the content you’re making.

This plugin lets you use the following tags:

%title: title of the article
%name: image filename
%category: post category
%tags: tags on posts

For example, if the title of your post is “Review Motor” and the name of your image is “Vario.jpg,” and you set the Alt Image section to “%name%title,” the result is “Review Motor Vario.”

8. W3 Total Cache

You can use W3 Total Cache to speed up your WordPress site.

Because website speed is now a part of how SEO is judged, especially by Google.

A site that loads quickly will also make visitors feel at home, which will lower the bounce rate score.

This bounce rate is also one of the ways Google figures out if a website is good or not.

9. Broken Link Checker

With the help of Broken Link Checker, you need to check the website for broken links on a regular basis.

Broken links will hurt a website’s SEO if they aren’t fixed.

Google will give the website a low score because it has broken links and Google thinks that your website is not well kept up.

The result is, of course, that Google will lower your website’s ranking in search engines because it isn’t very good.

10. All in one schema Rich Snippets

This AIO schema rich snippets will make more people click through to your website (CTR).

Rich Snippets will show information about images, titles, descriptions, star ratings, views, prices, authors, and other things in search engines. This will make your posts more interesting than posts that don’t use the rich snippets feature.

11. Social Sharing

Sharing with others Many SEO experts believe that social media is a good source of traffic.

So, don’t forget to install the share plugin for the different social media sites that are already out there.

There are many plugins for sharing on social media in WordPress, and Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons is one of them.

12. Redirection

This redirection plugin lets you set a redirect url or send a url to another url.

The goal can be a temporary redirect because a website needs to be fixed or a permanent redirect (redirect 301). The purpose of this 301 permanent redirect is to move all of the old websites’ content to the new website.

The goal of this redirect is to send all visitors, including those who have already posted or linked to the site, to the new domain.

With lots of posts and backlinks, a lot of people will visit the new domain, which is good for SEO.

So you don’t have to worry about SEO right away. The process of redirecting takes a few days, depending on how much content is on your website and when the Google spyder robot comes.

So, that’s everything we talked about when talking about the 12 Best WordPress SEO Plugins Recommendations.

Please add the recommended plugins to your WordPress account so that you can do better in search engines.

Don’t forget to do research every day and post something interesting every day.

Please add any other suggestions for the best WordPress SEO plugins to the comments section below.

Thanks a lot.

What the best wordpress plugin for SEO ?

Please look at the list below for the most recent WordPress SEO plugins:
1. Yoast SEO
2. The All-in-One SEO Pack
3. Rank Math SEO
4. Rel Nofollow Checkbox
5. Google XML Sitemaps
6. Contextual Related Post
7. PB SEO Friendly Images
8. W3 Total Cache
9. Broken Link Checker
10. All in One Schema Rich Snippets
11. Social Sharing
12. Redirection

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